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smoking cessation

Giving up cigarettes can feel to some people like losing a friend. Many long term smokers experience a sense of loss just thinking about quitting.

At the Midtown Health and Wellness Clinic we know that dealing with nicotine addiction is not easy. We can help you achieve your goal to quit safely and with as little discomfort as possible.

Once you arrange an appointment with Dr. Hermant and her team, we can discuss with you which options best suit your needs. Today with nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medications that reduce withdrawal symptoms, there are tools to help you cope, once you are motivated to quit.

The Midtown Health and Wellness Clinic can take you one step further. If you prefer natural herbal remedies or acupuncture we will arrange for you to access the services of the naturopath.

If you feel that you need or would like to explore the causes of your addiction or how to stay on track to achieve cessation success, you can seek the assistance of our psychotherapist.

We are here to help you quit smoking comfortably and to stay motivated.