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Many women experience menopause as a time of great inner peace and security. For others, it is a time where their emotions and physical health are challenged and stressed. They often experience a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional issues which are frustrating and which seem to have no resolution in sight. Many doctors focus on parts, instead of on the whole person.

At the Midtown Health and Wellness Clinic we take the time to listen and we understand what you are going through. Dr. Hermant and her colleagues are aware of and sensitive to the needs of post-menopausal women. Being healthy and feeling healthy during menopause has many facets. You are a whole person and we understand that women at this stage of life are capable of feeling and looking as healthy and vibrant as they want.

Dr. Hermant's team treats these issues presented during menopause with current medical innovations and collaborate with you, the patient, in designing a wellness plan to help you start feeling well and to positively accept this stage of life.

If you prefer complementary remedies to manage some of your symptoms, Dr. Hermant can refer you to the naturopath who will treat these issues with herbal remedies and other more natural solutions.

If you are concerned about aging and want to look better but do not wish to undergo cosmetic surgery, a wide range of cosmetic and anti-aging services are available by Dr. Tammy Hermant including Botox Cosmetic® and injectable fillers, as well as other skin enhancement treatments through our medical aesthetician.

If weight gain during menopause is getting you down, we can refer you to the registered dietician at the Clinic.